Today’s HumanFuckery: 70-Year-Old Pensacola Woman Shot Man 6 Times After He Denied Her Advances!!! (10/17/2020)

Damn Lady!! No Means No!!

Excerpt From Article:

The report states the man said Buschbaum tried to kiss him three days prior, but he denied her advances. He said she had also made other sexual advances towards him since he moved into a neighboring apartment, but he always denied.

According to the report, the man had been staying at a friend’s place across town since a tree fell on his apartment during Hurricane Sally. When he returned home on Sept. 25 to check on his property, Buschbaum asked him to stop over briefly — and he obliged.

The man says when he followed her to the backdoor and then turned away from her, Buschbaum shot him six times as he pleaded for her to stop, according to the report.

NO FUKING MEANS NO LADY… Jeez.. We at wish this this man a speedy recovery!!

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