Today’s HumanFuckery: Menards Shoplifter Escapes By Throwing Her Own Shit At Loss Prevention Associate!!!(2/17/2018)

Menards Shoplifter Escapes By Throwing Her Own Shit At Worker!!!

Due To Articles Length We’ve Decided To Repost:

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police are searching for a woman who escaped a shoplifting incident Tuesday using her own feces at a Menards on the city’s east side.

Police were dispatched around noon to the Menards at 7701 E. 42nd St, Indianapolis, according to IMPD.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with a Menards loss prevention officer, who witnessed a woman remove a video camera from its packaging and place the item in her personal bag.

According to police, the loss prevention officer stated when he tried to stop the woman from leaving the store, she “reached behind her and dug into her pants and pulled out a handful of feces and threw it at him, striking him on his chest.”

The woman immediately ran out the door and escaped, police said.

The stolen camera was eventually recovered.

Police have reviewed security camera footage, but the woman remains unidentified.

Human fuckery at its finest folks!!!! All we wanna see is what this vile piece of shit looks like!!! As soon as we find a mugshot we’ll post this nasty bitch!!!

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