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Florida Man Responding To Craigslist Sex Ad Robbed By Woman’s Boyfriend!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

HOLIDAY, Fla. — A Pasco County man was robbed while responding to a Craigslist sex ad.

According to Pasco County deputies, the victim was responding to a Craiglist ad to have sex with a woman.

When he went to the woman’s home to meet up with her on Monday night, she led him into the bedroom. Deputies say that while in the bedroom, the victim removed all of his clothes and the female removed her shirt and bra.

That’s when deputies say the woman’s boyfriend, Robert Roser, 39, entered the bedroom, flashed what appeared to be a badge and stated this was a police sting.

Deputies say that Roser asked the victim if he had anything in his pockets. The victim removed his cell phone and keys. Roser then proceeded to search the victim and removed $60 cash and two condoms from the victim’s pants pocket.

Roser told the victim he was giving him a warning and told him to leave. He escorted the victim to his car and waited until he drove away.

Roser was located and arrested on a strong-arm robbery charge.
People still used Craigslist for hook-ups??? This robbery plot wasn’t thought out very well by these two, you two told this man to meet you at your home so therefore he could just give the address to the authorities..


Man Posts Craigslist Ad For Workers And Allegedly Sexually Assaults Interviewees!!

Man Sexually Assaults Interviewees

Who knows how many women this man actually sexually assaulted with the use of this bogus job ad! We can only hope this man gets violated by Bubba&Company in prison!!


Utah Man Admits To Enticing A Minor After Reporting Craigslist Scam!!

54 Year Old Man Arrested After Soliciting Sexual Activity From 16 Year Old Boy!!!

People still use Craigslist for hook ups! Last time we looked at the personals section (for research purposes of course) we saw a lot of ads saying that the site was filled with nothing but bots, scammers, and time wasters.. In this case this boy’s father contacted this pervert to ask for money for repairs because the teen allegedly damaged his car trying to meet this man. After this teen’s father contacted Deelstra, Deelstra contacted the cops and told them everything that was going down!

Excerpt From Article:
“[Deelstra] reported to the FBI that [the boy] never showed up and a person claiming to be [the boy]’s father was now demanding he send money to cover car repairs because [the boy] had damaged the vehicle while trying to go meet [Deelstra],” a detective wrote in the probable cause statement.

“Deelstra also gave Logan Police access to his smartphone, and police said they found sexually explicit messages and photos exchanged between Deelstra and the boy.”


You gotta respect this man’s ability to be frank about what he wants! Wonder how many replies this guy got!


Spokane Craigslist Ad Seeks ‘Generic Father Figure For Backyard BBQ’!!

Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather


Real talk you should just search for a black BBQ dad, its summer time and us black folks fire up the grill almost every other day. Also if you went that route you may get to experience food that is seasoned!


Craigslist Fuckery: Couple Attempts To Sell Their 5 Month Old Baby For $5K On Craigslist!!!

Was that firm or OBO (or better offer)? We can only speculate that the cops talked these two down from that price! All joking aside, this fuckery speaks for itself!!


Woman Stabs Her Craigslist Date After She Tells Him She’s A Serial Killer

Lady Wanted To Eat This Man’s Heart

All dude probably wanted was to get his D wet.. We wish this man a speedy recovery and we would also like to bid this lady farewell and also wish her good luck adapting to her new lifestyle in the big house!

Father Gunned Down In Front Of Son During Craigslist Meet Up!!

All this over a god damn dirt bike!!! Honestly, if you already stole the bike why the hell did you have to kill the man? These two Craigslist post are making me weary of my meet up I have this weekend… No, folks it isn’t that type of meet up, its a legit business transaction. We at would like to send our condolences to this family who has to deal with this devastating tragedy.. This poor boy has to grow up with this horrible memory etched in his brain the rest of his life!!!!


Wife of a U.S. marshal accused of framing his ex-girlfriend in Craigslist ‘rape fantasy’ plot

The things some people will do to inflict pain on their so called enemies.. Stone cold sociopath here…

Update:(10/19/2017) Woman Who Plotted This Rape Fantasy Receives 5 Year Sentence!!!



See also:Woman Sells Pregnancy Tests To Pay For School




We wonder if this persons wife knows of this activity? I guarantee that she has no clue!! She also is wandering why she cant find any of her unmentionables !



From the looks of it ladies and gents, this guy works for Jimmy Johns, At least you know you wouldn’t starve! Also what is with all these old dudes trying to get ladies to move with them across country? Please just look into getting a mail order bride and call it a day!!!


I wonder what type of woman is in dire need of a jersey that bad? I mean she could probably give the jersey to someone on her Christmas list. This man may have struck gold with this proposition!


Can any of you out there make it past the second sentence with out gagging?



I’m sure there were a lot of dudes replying to this ad! I feel as if this young man may have a possibility of being lynched after this fuckery!!


Any father that send this guy pictures of their daughters have got to be out of their god damn minds!! Your daughter may gain a stalker and you may end up on the end of the year polls for father of the year!!


Wonder how much this guy is willing to pay?? This fuckery speaks for itself!!!


Will this man’s honesty get him laid? He could at least hyped his member up a lil, I mean I’m sure mostly everyone on Craigslist personals is lying about some sort of personal stat, especially if they are not providing pictures up front.. So if that is the case we can knock this dude down to about 3 inches hard!


I’m willing to bet the farm and say that this guy will insist that he is not gay and will defend this ad by stating ” Its my cum, so how can I be gay!”


adding “wet sweet pussyhoney” into my everyday lingo.


Wonder if this guy is having any luck?? I mean, I guess the girl could take plan B afterwards….


No shame in this guys game! Both parties who participate in these vile acts SERIOUSLY need a mental evaluation..



This guy better not get caught with his moms unmentionables on.. He’s heading for a harsh grounding or even worse, getting kicked out of the basement!!


At least he’s being honesty! I’m sure his honesty is going to get him some!!!

human fuckery
Just by you saying your ‘NOT A COP” makes me believe you are one! I’m sure someone out there took the bait!


Read this ad out loud in a funny voice! Try a foreigner or Steven Hawkins for example!



I’m say one things and be done with this fuckery! First, good luck finding a lady that will be game to let you do this, although I must say Sir….. Craigslist is probably the right spot to find her.


I personally like the last part of this ad. Its apparent that your looking to find a 10 or a model type on Craigslist, which chances of that happening are pretty much slim to none! I mean you are offering $100 so be prepared to be bombarded with all types of inquires.


And we are gonna wrap this edition of Craigslist Fuckery with this ad. I’m very confused on how who ever answers your ad and happens to get pregnant its not on you? Ok… I get it.. If you get a reply (which I highly doubt, specially with that line) its on her because you stated what you wanted to do specifically in your ad!



You sir, are one vile, nasty, grotesque motherfucker! By far this sickest fuckery I’ve came across in a long while! Bone Apple Tea!!!


This lady must be hard up for cash, if shes advertising her pregnant puss on craigslist… You know you can sell other things on craigslist?? I’m sure someone would take you up on your offer on backpage!!


Let me fill you in sir! If this lady was “Very Pregnant”, she isn’t gonna go home from the zoo and look at craigslist missed connections section! After probably an exasperating day of walking around the zoo for lord knows how long she probably was craving a cheeseburger and fries from the place shes been craving her whole pregnancy! Good luck with that one!


All I’m gonna say on this one is Craigslist better have this one flagged for removal quickly!! Judge this one for yourself people!!!



Your attempt of hyperbole is lackluster! Lady your ad is just on fuckery!! Strange Fuckery


You sir, Need a hobby!



Ok…. I know this person isn’t that dumb to attempt to sell weed via Craigslist!!! OR….. This person is a cop!!!! ITS A TRAP DONT DO IT!!!!!


People and their weird fetishes!! I hope the person who takes you up on this offer has athletes feet and he accidentally touches your face!!


This one speaks for its self folks!!!


I guarantee that his wife is probably wondering “where are all my underwear disappearing to?” This is a sly hustle that he is running!!! Wouldn’t suggest it to anyone!




Where do I start? The fact that this gent placed these statements in this ad should raise all sorts of red flags! Quote “want to escape abusive home? Daddy Raping you? Recent hs grad and want out from parents? Abusive Husband? You sir are looking for women who are damaged and easily susceptible!! My suggestion to you sir is to buy a mail order bride (if they still do such fuckery)… I dont think anyone is gonna take you up on this fuckery you are on and if so they are probably on meth!!


UGH.. I feel to whom ever takes on this “role” is probably going to be placed in a dog cage in someones basement!!! The high point in this ad was this person requiring the participant to make sure all their orifices are cleaned! That has to be the first time I’ve seen that descriptive of a word on craigslist, I’m sure you lost a few potential slaves with your grand vocabulary!


Enjoy whatever you end up contracting!!!


Just go to a god damn strip club. Problem Solved!


All I picture is a dude who is sitting in front of a Gateway 2000 running a freshly installed copy of windows 98, and still running his internet via dial up connection! I didn’t know the term “cyber sex” still was relevant!



Man, you may have got some girls to actually come over and let you do the things you said you would do, BUT… is why I think ladies are staying away on this one! When you end your ad with quote ” come to my house its safe” makes people think your sketchy. Good luck on finding what your looking for!



These two ads!!! I’m sure the women are blowing up both these dudes mailboxes! I’m sure people troll these postings like crazy! Craigslist is the prime place
to find some guy to make you a baby, no stings attached!!


human fuckery

Tony! You will not be an asshole if you leave them! When you do leave, you will be called alot worse than an asshole.. She’s trying to get you to stay because she obviously doesn’t know whom impregnated her! Please for all the men out there, Do not go back… Even if that puss is fire!! Humanfuckery wishes you best of luck from all this fuckery.


I dont know what it is but the weekend provides the most fuckery… I.E. these two fine gents (one may be transitioning to a woman really!) 60k would change one of you ladies lives!! Just make sure you ask for it in advance because if this shit is done to completion I’m sure he wont wanna give it up!





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