Fuckery We Missed: Argument Over Sex Lands Woman In Jail!!(4/2/2021)

Man Denies Sex, Gets Attacked By Hair Dryer!!

Excerpt From Article:

The man said he stayed home and watched the kids while Adriana went out. He said she came home angry and intoxicated after being kicked out of a club. He said Adriana went crazy being loud and waking up the kids. He said she hit him in the back of the head several times and he pushed her off him. The victim said Adriana picked up a hair blow dryer and was swinging it by the cord, striking him several times. He said she picked up her daughter and ran next door.

We have a hunch that fuckery like this will continue to happen more frequently since states are beginning to lift covid restrictions, with that being said there’s gonna be more drunk women going out to the bars and coming home expecting to get their boxes be rocked by their man but their man may not be feeling it…and then that’s when the woman choses violence!!

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