Fuckery We Missed: Man Pulls Gun On Popeyes Manager Over Condiment Conflict!! (12/6/2018)

Gun Pulled Over Condiments At Popeyes In Louisiana!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

A man is accused of pointing a gun at the manager of a Popeyes in Louisiana during a dispute over condiments.

Earl Jethroe, 59, of Marrero walked into the eatery Friday, ordered a meal, and apparently took issue with the condiments provided by employees.

At some point, Jethroe threw his chicken across the counter, pulled a pistol from his waistband, and pointed it at the manager. Jethroe didn’t fire the weapon, and no one was hurt.

Authorities said deputies later found Jethroe at another restaurant, yelling. They said he smelled of alcohol and was unsteady on his feet.

Jethroe was arrested and charged with offenses including aggravated assault with a firearm.

Going full retard and pulling a gun over sauces is the epitome of human fuckery!!

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