Fuckery We Missed: Missouri Couple Accused Of Fake Bomb Threat To Preschool So One Could Get Day Off!! (1/25/2021)

Bomb Threat Called At Daycare In Mizzou

Excerpt From Article:

Janet Porzelt, 40, and Evan Hauserman, 39, both of the 2000 block of Parker Road, were charged with two counts apiece of making a false bomb report and two counts apiece of making a terrorist threat.

Hauserman made the threats to Primrose School because Porzelt, an employee at the school, did not want to go to work but still wanted to be paid for a full day, charging documents say.

Hauserman used an anonymous texting application with a fake phone number to call in the threats, prosecutors say.

After the first call, on Jan. 12, the preschool evacuated everyone in 36-degree weather. On Thursday, after the second threat, the preschool evacuated more than 90 people, including infants who had to be rolled in the parking lot in cribs.

Hopefully you dumb fucks get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law pulling fuckery to this magnitude… Sadly… Folks we’ve seen this same song and dance numerous times over the pass few years, feel free to view similar incidents of fuckery below in the see also links!!

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