Fuckery We Missed: South Dakota Man Accused Of Stealing ”A Bunch” Of Sex Toys From House!!! (5/13/209)

Man Steals “A Bunch” Of Sex Toy From House!!!

Excerpt From Article:

Brody Fuchs, 25, took “a bunch” of sex toys from a Tyndall residence over “a couple” years, said Bon Homme County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian McGuire.

McGuire responded to a report from a man who said he had some items missing from his house in Tyndall, according to an affidavit.

The man and his wife had installed a camera system inside the house, which caught Fuchs entering their home for about 40 seconds and then leaving, according to the affidavit. The man said he hadn’t granted Fuchs entry to the house. McGuire did not say if the two knew each other.

The man also said that other items had been stolen in the past. He said he would replace the items and they’d be stolen again.

A deputy conducted a search warrant of Fuchs’ residence and found a number of sex toys that the victim said belonged to him. The value of the toys were reported by the victim, McGuire said.

Unbelievable!! What type of freak breaks into someone’s home and steals sex toys??? One can only assume that this fucktard used these toys too after he stole them!!!! Unbelievable!!

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