Today’s HumanFuckery: Whitney Wisconsin (9/20/2016)

Welp… Curiosity led me to this video.. While scrolling through my Instagram feed I saw an interesting remix to the clip . I dont know where she lives(assuming one backwards ass state or country) but if someone out there is a lawyer or knows law please let this nasty bitch know the statute in her state!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Italian Women Commits Suicide After Sex Tape Goes Viral (9/18/2016)

Suicide over Sex Tape

I’ve never heard of a guy committing suicide after a sex tape!!. Unfortunately we live in a society where every little action (even those that should be private) are shared nowadays.


Fuckery Flashbacks (9/16/2016)

This weeks fuckery flashback we are going take a comprehensive look at some of the gems of the now defunct BET show called Bet:Uncut

First up we have the certified banger by Black Jesus entitled… What that Thang Smell like!!!!

First off, if I gotta know what that thang smell like… I dont want it! Second, the smell test that he kicks the video off instantly makes the viewer ask themselves’ “wtf is this train wreck”. Everytime after watching this video the god damn hook gets stuck in my head!!

Next up we have……

Waxamillion- No panty’s on the dance floor

The hook on this one!! I want to play this song so badly at a bar around closing time to see what type of fuckery would ensue!

Finally.. The best uncut video in my opinion drum roll please……..

Nelly-Tip Drill

Never been a fan of Nelly… Just watch the video and you’ll understand why it’s my personal favorite!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Oregon Couple Charged With Hate Crime (9/16/2016)


Hate Crime in Oregon

This story is the epitome of fuckery! After things got heated between Mr. Bruce and Mr. Courtier why couldn’t he just drive the fuck away and be done with the fuckery?

Today’s HumanFuckery:Madman with meat cleaver shot by cops in Midtown (9/16/2016)

This is what sparked the controversy in Midtown NY yesterday!!!
This is what sparked the controversy in Midtown NY yesterday!!!

MadMan with Meat Cleaver

I honestly would of took the L of having to pay for the ticket and removal of the boot Vs. getting shot up by the police!!! The fine must be outrageous (could only imagine in NYC} if he went to this extreme…

More Humanfuckery: “Heroin Boys”” Mom Allegedly a Stripper !!!

Heroin Boys Mom A Stripper?

Today’s HumanFuckery: “Heroin Boy” Saved!!! (9/15/2016)


Heroin Boy Saved

The degree of addiction in this incident of fuckery is scary and it also shows what an addict only gives a fuck about!!! Not only could they have killed themselves but according to the report they possibly could of wiped out kids at a bus stop!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Father Stabbed Daughter, 6, In Front Of Park Rangers, FBI Says (9/14/2016)

Father stabs and kills daughter

First and foremost R.I.P to the little girl who lost her childhood over her mother and father splitting up! She had no reason to lose her life because they couldn’t work it out! Sad, just sad!

(UPDATE 2/11/2018):Father Pleaded Guilty And Will Spend The Rest Of Life In Prison!!!


Today’s HumanFuckery: 2 Injured, 1 killed Outside Of Kansas Wal-Mart (9/13/2016)

Shooting Outside Of Kansas Wal-Mart!

The only comment I’ll make on this post is this.. I’ve never seen so many dead bodies on the net in my life! I feel we are becoming numb to seeing death in our society ! The lady who shot this video could of kept it moving after seeing this but she elected to take out here phone and record!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Arrested After Breaking Into House And Painting Dog Purple (9/12/16)


Purple Pooch

SMH.. This defiantly isn’t something you hear a burglar doing everyday! I wonder if he provided his own paint or was there a can sitting in this house and he just thought to himself ” FUCK IT!! This dog needs a makeover! Purple is your NEW color!”

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