Today’s HumanFuckery: Cleveland McDonald’s Manager Accused Of Shooting At Customers In Drive-Thru Line!!!!!! (2/24/2018)

Mcds Manager Accused Of Shooting At Customers In Drive-Thru Line!!!

Excerpt From Article:

Three women went through the restaurant’s drive-thru at about 2:20 a.m. Wednesday. They ordered a smoothie and the man they believed to be the manager handed it to them, a Cleveland police report says.

As they began to pull away, a woman in the backseat opened her water bottle, the report says. The woman said it caused some water to squirt inside and outside their car, and also toward the drive-thru window, the report says.

The women said they heard the employee call them a name, followed by two gunshots, the report says. The group drove off and called police.

Officers found a bullet hole near one of the car’s tail lights. Police interviewed the manager and another employee, who said they had no issues with any customers that night, the report says. Both denied knowing anything about a shooting as well, the report says.

This Mcds must be located in a rough ass neighborhood if the manager keeps a strap on him!!

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