Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Arrested For Having Sex With Stuffed ‘Olaf’ At Target!!! (10/24/2019)

Florida Man Fucks Frozen Doll In Target!!

Excerpt From Article:

Witnesses told police they saw Cody Meader, 20, take a large Olaf from “Frozen” off the store shelves at a St. Petersburg location and begin to “dry hump” the toy.

The police report claims Meader ejaculated on the Olaf doll and put it back on the shelf before he “selected a large unicorn stuffed animal” and began to have sex with that object as well.

Meader was taken into custody while in the store and admitted to doing “stupid stuff.” He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all here’s this fucking freeeeak who chose to bust a nut on a stuffed Disney Frozen doll in the middle of the isle in Target and then when he completed the act he put that shit back on the shelf!! Unbelievable… This fucktard should face some jail time for this fuckery and also be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life!!

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