Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Steals $100,000 While Loading ATMs!!! (7/18/2019)

Florida Man Steals $100k From ATMS

Excerpt From Article:

McWilliams was a subcontracted employee tasked with maintaining and loading 42 ATMs with thousands of dollars on a weekly or “as needed” basis.

The company’s owners began to see a string of “low to no cash” error alerts from the ATMS under McWilliams’ charge, according to the FDLE, but it wasn’t until an audit was completed that the company found approximately $102,000 missing from several of its ATMs.

You’ve gotta be a dumb fuck to think that this employer wouldn’t catch on to this big of an amount of money missing..We wish this man luck in ever finding a job involving handling money again, hell we wish this man luck finding a job PERIOD.. To be honest, we’d love to hear what this man would have to say when asked on a job interview the question ” why did you leave your last job”..

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