Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Woman Arrested For Hitting A Hospital Worker With A Used Sanitary Pad Pulled From Her Underwear!! (5/16/2019)

Florida Woman Throws Used Sanitary Pad At Hospital Worker!!

Excerpt From Article:

Coffii Castellion, 29, was arrested on Monday after she hit the hospital worker at Mease Dunedin Hospital and stole several hospital bathing cloths and slippers estimated to be worth a combined $10.79.

She had brought herself to the emergency room to receive treatment when she is accused of stealing the items.

After she stole the goods she allegedly ‘took a feminine pad from underneath her pants and threw it at a health care provider’, according to the police report.

This is the most uncivilized, vile, gross piece of fuckery we’ve seen a woman pull in a while.. Wait… Wait..WAIT… I’ve Just remembered that we’ve seen a woman pull something worse while attempting to steal from a Menards store!! Check the see also link below for more info on the aforementioned fuckery.

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