Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Woman Throws Bucket Of Human Feces On Landlord!!! (1/7/2020)

Florida Woman Throws Bucket Of SHIT On Landlord!

Excerpt From Article:

She said she couldn’t explain why her landlord was covered in feces so she later changed her story and said she blocked the bucket, which caused the contents to spill on the victim, records show.

She said the victim then chased her into the bathroom of the trailer and smeared feces on her face until she was able to run away to a neighbor’s house, according to authorities.

“She took the poop and rubbed it all over,” Mercader said in the body camera video.

“All I know, in a long time of doing this job I’ve never seen anything like it, OK? I’m not disputing what you’re telling me but … she’s dripping with it, (yours) is not,” the deputy replied.

Deputies said they told Mercader she needed to tell the truth, which is when she said that she intended to grab a bucket of water but accidentally grabbed a bucket of human feces instead and threw it at her landlord.

What did this lady not have pluming and was just shitting in this bucket or was this nasty bitch planning this?? Sadly this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a nasty fuck pull some similar fuckery like this… Please feel free to visit the see also links below for more fuckery…

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