Today’s HumanFuckery: Toronto Man Killed Mother And Two Siblings With Crossbow Because Mother Was Going To Expose His Secret To His Fiance!!!(7/30/2017)

Canadian Man Kills Mom And Two Siblings With Crossbow

This man’s mother was going to tell his fiance that he had a past of a bank robber!

Excerpt from article:

According to the statement of facts, Ryan only intended to confront his mother about the threats of exposing him and to convince her to continue supporting him financially until the wedding and until he got a job.

However, the argument between the two became heated quickly. Susan called her son Christopher, 42, to come and help her. During the argument, Ryan retrieved the crossbow and crossbow bolts from the garage.

Susan followed him to the garage. As the argument continued, Ryan stabbed his mother with a crossbow bolt and strangled her to death using a yellow nylon rope.

When Christopher arrived, Ryan shot him in the back of his neck using the crossbow. He moved their bodies into the garage and hid them under a tarp.

As Ryan exited the garage, he was confronted by Alexander, 29, who had arrived at the house. As the brothers fought, Ryan fatally stabbed Alexander with a crossbow bolt.

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