Fuckery We Missed: Pennsylvania Man Accused Of Breaking Into Home And Stealing Sex Toys, Cash!!(4/14/2021)

Not Toys Recouped From Arrest (Stock Image)

Man Steals Money & Sex Toys

Excerpt From Article:

The robbery reportedly took place on April 6 on West 11th Street in Tyrone. Residents told police that they had counted $ 700 in cash on the night of April 5 to take sleeping pills and pay the rent before falling asleep on the sofa. When she woke up around noon on April 6, she told police that she was out of cash and various bank cards and sex toys worth about $ 160.

The resident reached out to her neighbors who said they saw a male enter her residence at about 11 a.m. April 6. The description led the residence to believe it was Holden, who she knew. The resident told police she saw Holden near Save-A-Lot and attempted to contact him, but fled. She was able to follow Holden to his residence, where he spoke to her through his window and said he had been inside her residence and noticed money laying on the floor,

We get this man stealing money but damn what the fuck are you gonna do with the sex toys…It isn’t like someone would buy these sex toys second hand…or… Were you planning on taking these toys for a spin yourself??

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