Fuckery We Missed:El Paso Man Kept 29 Bags Of Money While Working In Armored Delivery Service!! (4/14/2021)

$809,153 Stolen By Armored Delivery Driver!!
Excerpt From Article:

Ramon Tejada, 32, worked for Miracle Delivery Armored Services moving large sums of money between businesses and financial institutions. During his workday, Tejada would keep sealed bags of cash while altering deposit documents and total manifests, changing how much currency he actually handled, according to police documents.

Tejada was arrested earlier this week after his employer complained to law enforcement upon discovering his alleged actions.

He allegedly purchased five new 2021 vehicles and gave them to family members between December 2020 and February 2021.

It’s unreal to think that this fool thought he could get away with taking this much money.. SMH..

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